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Edison Nacional Pebojot

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Edison Pebojot
Edison pebojot.jpg

Pebojot in 2018

Born Edison Nacional Pebojot

October 13, 1998 (age 21) Dingalan, Aurora, P.H.

Occupation Software Developer
Years active 2018–present
Known for Founding and leading Braindotnet
Pebojot's signature.png

Edison Nacional Pebojot (English: /pɛbɒdʒɒt/[1]; born October 13, 1998) is a Filipino technology entrepreneur and innovator. Pebojot is known for founding and leading Braindotnet.[2] A start-up based software technology under Google LLC.[3]



On September, 2018, Pebojot launched Braindotnet from his apartment room. An earlier inspiration for Braindotnet may have come from facebook or Dropbox. Later became a start-up. It has a system that is more focus to users data. Once at freshman year, Pebojot's Braindotnet started off as just a "Just for fun thing" until Pebojot decided to spread it beyond borders, enlisting more users.

Pebojot moved to Baguio, Manila, and Cabanatuan city rented a small working space served as an office at the same time. Over the summer of May 2019, Pebojot met Google developer communities advocates, and has a closer contact to investors too, who look to the potential rate of success to Braindotnet. The adventure keeps going and Pebojot is always half way there.

Python Artificial Intelligence

In November 2019, Braindotnet started a new project for collecting big data for statistical prediction. The goal to create an algorithm for end user to interact to the user interface.[4]


  1. The following pronunciation respelling key is used in some Wikipedia articles to respell the pronunciations of English words. It does not use special symbols or diacritics apart from the schwa (ə), which is used for the first sound in the word "about".
  2. Everybody like fantasy accounts of rousing youthful programming creators who changed the world. The adventure that enraptures our hearts to be the equivalent. At the youthful age, Edison Pebojot has been a PC specialist, yet there is more behind than simply being a specialist.
  3. Firebase is a mobile and web application development platform developed by Firebase, Inc. in 2011, then acquired by Google in 2014. As of October 2018, the Firebase platform has 18 products, which are used by 1.5 million apps. Wikipedia
  4. Pebojot began using computers and writing software in Elementary school. He taught himself Hybridization and Native Programming between 2008 and 2009. Pebojot took a bunch of advance computer programming books and read them at home while he is still in high school. In one program, since he knows psychology, the art of playing the minds, he built a software program that turns out to be plagiarism tool, letting other students to share their notes to their classmates online via simple click with feed featured, too. It is considered a "primitive" version of Evernote, which came out earlier in year 2004. Pebojot was 2008. Just four years in between