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About deployment trainings

Welcome and we hope you will join the deployers' club!

Come often to trainings to learn and/or help out, it's great to have you!

Become a trainer too, we'd love that as well!

If things go wrong, people will be there to answer questions or to pitch in.

Help is ALWAYS available.


If you will be hands on at a training, here is what you need.

  • can ssh to deployment host
  • familiar with git log, fetch, rebase (not "expert" but "familiar with"!)
  • can get around phabricator
  • can get audio/video working for google meet
  • can lurk in the irc #wikimedia-operations connect channel

If you will just be following along, here is what you need.

Getting Ready to Deploy

We'll discuss the steps involved in getting ready to deploy:

  • how to check the calendar, show up in the irc channel, and make sure the patch owners are around
  • how to see who your co-deployers are, who can take turns or help out if needed
  • how to check the associated phabricator tasks briefly, and the patches themselves
  • how to make sure patches are already merged in to master for MediaWiki core
  • how to make sure patch owners know how to test and check that their fix or patch worked via mwdebug host

Deploying a patch

We'll discuss what you need to do to deploy one patch.

Deploying for limited testing:

  • how to merge the backport or the config change
  • how to check that there's not uncommitted stuff on the deployment host
  • how to get the patch onto the host
  • how to push it to the mwdebug host for testing
  • how to watch logs and have the patch owner test

Completing the deployment:

  • how to push the patch everywhere
  • how to watch logs and make sure things look ok

Dealing with trouble:

  • how to ask for help, which is ALWAYS available
  • pointers to docs for how to revert, if we encounter no trouble

When you're done

When you've gone through a training, if you don't feel ready to deploy, come back! Do multiple trainings!

If you do feel ready, come back! Help us train more deployers!