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Project Name deployment-prep

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Server admin log

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Release Engineering Server Admin Log


  • 18:43 James_F: Triggering graceful restart of zuul to see if that fixes on-going merge/gerrit connection issues.
  • 17:07 James_F: Zuul: Make PHP 8.1 non-voting for all skins and extensions T316078
  • 16:46 James_F: Zuul: Make PHP 8.0 and PHP 8.1 voting for all skins and extensions in master for T300463 and T316078
  • 15:12 James_F: Docker: Building and publishing PHP 8.0.24 images for T315167
  • 02:33 James_F: Zuul: [mediawiki/core] Clean up REL1_35 and REL1_37 PHP 8 jobs
  • 02:30 James_F: Zuul: [mediawiki/core]... (more)