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Data Catalog Application Evaluation/Rubric/data-catalog-evaluation server notes

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All files are currently in /home/razzi on

Docker setup

Install docker:

sudo apt-get install

Download docker-compose and move it to ~/.docker/cli-plugins to install it:

sudo mkdir -p /usr/libexec/docker/cli-plugins/
sudo cp docker-compose-linux-x86_64 /usr/libexec/docker/cli-plugins/docker-compose

Nginx setup

Run nginx docker container in foreground (this will be served at

sudo docker run -it -p 80:80 nginx

Run nginx docker container as daemon:

sudo docker run -d -p 80:80 -v $(pwd):/usr/share/nginx/html nginx

Data Catalogs


Clone apache atlas docker image (currently at /home/razzi/apache-atlas-docker)

git clone

Run atlas:

sudo docker compose up

It is accessible from localhost (curl -u admin:admin http://localhost:21000/api/atlas/admin/version works) but not via the web proxy at This works with ssh forwarding:

ssh -NL

but it does not work with the proxy (configured as shown)

File:Proxy settings for
Proxy looks to be configured properly but is not working.

For now, since it's the only data catalog being evaluated, it's running on port 80 and can be accessed at

Workaround options:

  • Have traffic go to and use nginx as a reverse proxy
    • can use subdomains or paths
  • run each application on a different virtual machine

Loading Atlas sample data







TODO User:milimetric is working on this



Data Sources