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Analytics/Wikistats/Deprecation of Wikistats 1

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This page describes the planned steps to effectively replace Wikistats 1 with the new version released by the Analytics team as it reaches its beta status.

URLs (T237752)

The website will be the new home of Wikistats 2, currently hosted in We will try to make sure that the integrity of the old site is kept, as the URL structure of both sites do not conflict, but Wikistats 1's homepage will be discontinued.

Example: should still work after the change

Example: would be moved to, but the previous version should also work and redirect to the new one.

Notice (T237999)

Until the change happens, we'll place a noticeable banner at the top of the Wikistats 1 homepage announcing this change and the date it'll come into effect.


A lot of documentation currently in metawiki, wikitech, and mediawiki use the name Wikistats to refer to the old site. A lot of links and names will have to be replaced.