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#REDIRECT [[Infrastructure]]
{{Navigation Wikimedia infrastructure}}
{{ClusterMap|caption='''<big>[[Clusters|&raquo; Clusters]]</big>'''|width=500}}
[[File:Wikipedia_webrequest_flow_2020.png|thumb|none|x400px|'''<big>[[MediaWiki at WMF|&raquo; MediaWiki]]</big>''' (Webrequest flow, as of 2020)]]
[[File:Wikipedia Memcached flow 2020.png|thumb|none|x400px|'''<big>[[Memcached for MediaWiki|&raquo; Memcached]]</big>''' (Memcached flow, as of 2020)]]
[[File:Infrastructure_overview.png|thumb|none|x400px|<big>Infrastructure</big> overview]]
[[File:Wikimedia network overview.png|thumb|none|x321px|'''<big>[[Network design|&raquo; Networking]]</big>''' (Topology as of 2019)]]
[[File:WMF_Inbound_Text_Traffic_Diagram.svg|thumb|none|x400px|'''<big>[[LVS and Varnish|&raquo; HTTP Caching]]</big>''' (traffic flow from cache PoPs)]]
[[Category:Wikimedia infrastructure| ]]

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» Clusters

» MediaWiki (Webrequest flow, as of 2020)
» Memcached (Memcached flow, as of 2020)
Infrastructure overview
» Networking (Topology as of 2019)
» HTTP Caching (traffic flow from cache PoPs)