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Revision as of 12:35, 1 September 2022

Origin task: phab:T12345

Date of the decision: 2022-02-22

People in the decision meeting (alphabetical order):

Decision taken

Option 1 was chosen.


Given this and that and compared with this other thing, we chose to lean in favor of this so option 1 gets us closer to the goal.


Some description of the problem, this might include documents, images, diagrams, links, etc.

Constraints and risks

  • It has to be done before this date because this
  • Has to be under this budget because that
  • We only have this many people to work on it
  • If this event happens and this is not done, this might be the consequences

Options considered

Option 1

Some explanation of option 1

For this option we also tested this and that and we found this.


  • Pro 1


  • Con 1