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Wikimedia Cloud Services team/EnhancementProposals/2020 Network refresh/2020-11-10-checkin

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2020-11-10 WMCS network checkin

  • cloudgw PoC in codfw going well:
    • neutron accepted to work without doing the SNAT, now being done by cloudgw.
    • VMs now use floating IPs (if they have one) for connections outside the cloud. No shortcomings detected so far, other than refreshing firewalling and other ACLs.
    • neutron is happily running without our custom hacks.
  • next steps, address some limitations:
    • no NIC bonding in data plane. Would like to try it out, requires DCops work for the additional cable patch.
    • no HA. Would like to try it out, requires another server in codfw.