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=== Phabricator ===
=== Phabricator ===
* Complete tasks under clinic duty on [[phab:project/board/2774/|Phabricator board]]
* Complete tasks under clinic duty on [[phab:project/board/2774/|Phabricator board]]
* Help triage [[phab:maniphest/query/c_CZFhz9GSG0/|new / incoming tasks]] on phabricator
* Help triage [[phab:maniphest/query/zYEPBGlDH9xk/|new / incoming tasks]] on phabricator

=== Monitoring ===
=== Monitoring ===

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The WMCS team practices a clinic duty rotation that runs from one weekly team meeting to the next. Each team member takes a turn sequentially performing these duties. Clinic Duty runs from one weekly meeting to the next. Your shift begins after the weekly meeting, and ends with the next.

Start of clinic duty

🦄 of the week duties



cloud-cumin-03:~$ sudo cumin --force --timeout 500 -o json  "A:all" "/usr/local/lib/nagios/plugins/check_puppetrun -w 3600 -c 86400" | grep "Failed to apply catalog"
cloud-cumin-03:~$ sudo cumin --force --timeout 500 -o json  "A:all" "/usr/local/lib/nagios/plugins/check_puppetrun -w 3600 -c 86400" | grep  -i unknown



  • #wikimedia-cloud connect monitoring
    • Respond to help requests
    • Watch for pings to other team members and intercept if appropriate
    • Watch for pings to !help
    • Call people out for poor behavior in the channel
    • Praise people for helping constructively

Community Requests

Check for and respond to incoming requests. For new project requests or quota requests, please seek and obtain at least one other person's approval before approving and granting the request. Ensure this permission is explicitly documented on the phabricator ticket. For all floating IP requests, and any request you are unsure about, please bring up to the weekly meeting. Requests that represent an increase of more than double the quota or more than 300GB of storage should also be reviewed at the weekly meeting.

Maintenance tasks (probably not all weeks)

End of clinic duty

  • Summarize work reported by the team on the weekly meeting etherpad and add summary to:
    • Add outgoing updates to weekly SRE meeting document (put important notes in bold)
    • Nicholas will also copy this summary to the weekly Tech Managers meeting notes