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The Beta Cluster houses a functional test instance of Wikifunctions and associated services, with all software components running at HEAD.

The URL for Wikifunctions wiki is

function-orchestrator and function-evaluator

The function-{orchestrator,evaluator} services run under Docker, on the deployment-docker-wikifunctions01 cloud instance.

You need to be a member of the deployment-prep project to access the instance via SSH, and a project admin to change the instance configuration.

Both services are exposed via a web proxy. The evaluator is exposed to facilitate testing.

Service Public address Internal address
Orchestrator deployment-docker-wikifunctions01:6254
Evaluator deployment-docker-wikifunctions01:6927

Debug logs

Logs from both MediaWiki and the function-* services are shipped to Logstash. See Logstash § Beta Cluster Logstash for access instructions.