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Wikidata Percent Usage Dashboard

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The Wikidata Percent Usage Dashboard tracks the number and the percent of pages in Wikimedia projects that make use of Wikidata.

The working definition of "a page that makes use of Wikidata" in this project is the following one:

  • we consider only pages in namespace = 0, and no redirects;
  • Wikidata (WD) usage upon which the reported data are based excludes Sitelinks (see: eu_aspect field in the wbc entity usage table of the Wikibase schema);
  • for Commons, we extend the definition to encompass the following namespaces: 0, 6 ,14.

Dashboard operation

The dashboard relies on the following two components:

Dashboard functionality

The dashboard provides:

  • a table encompassing Wikidata usage statistics, in particular:
    • the project (e.g. enwiki, itwikivoyage),
    • total number of articles in the respective project,
    • number of articles that make use of Wikidata (c.f. the definition given above),
    • percent of articles that make use of Wikidata, and
    • project type (e.g. Wikipedia, Wikivoyage, Wikiquote, etc).
  • several visualizations to help get a glimpse of a big picture:
    • the distribution of Wikidata usage across project types (e.g. Wikipedia, Wikivoyage, Wikiquote, etc),
    • the top 20 WMF projects in terms of the absolute number of pages using Wikidata, and
    • the top 20 WMF projects in terms of the percent of pages within the project making use of Wikidata.
Top20wikis WikidataUsage.png
Wikidata usage ProjectTypes.png


The Wikidata Percent Usage Dashboard is developed by WMDE, 2019.