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#REDIRECT [[Wiki replicas]]
{{Hatnote|1=For help on querying the Wiki Replicas, see [[Help:Toolforge/Database]].<br>
You may also be looking for information on the confidential replicas in the [[Analytics/Systems/MariaDB|Analytics MariaDB cluster]].
'''Wiki Replicas''' are part of the [[Portal:Data Services|Data Services]] provided by [[Help:Cloud Services Introduction|Wikimedia Cloud]] and are available both to [[Help:Toolforge|Toolforge]] and [[Portal:Cloud VPS|Cloud VPS]] customers. They are databases containing a [[MariaDB/Sanitarium and Labsdbs|sanitized]] version of the [[mw:Manual:Database layout|databases that back Wikimedia's production sites.]]
== See also ==
* [[Help:Cloud Services Introduction]]
* [[Portal:Data Services]]
* [[Help:Toolforge/Database]]
* [[Help:MySQL_queries]]
* [[Add a wiki#Cloud Services]]
* [[Portal:Data Services/Admin/Wiki Replica DNS]]
* [[phab:T180513]] - "Document wiki-replicas architecture for future automation"
* Admin docs: [[Portal:Data Services/Admin/Wiki Replicas]]
[[Category:Cloud Services]]

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Wiki Replicas are part of the Data Services provided by Wikimedia Cloud and are available both to Toolforge and Cloud VPS customers. They are databases containing a sanitized version of the databases that back Wikimedia's production sites.

See also