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This page provides a brief overview of Server-side Rendering Service[1].

The service is to be introduced in 2019, to initially serve server-side rendered content of the Wikidata/Wikibase "term box", i.e. the part of item/property page UI where labels, descriptions and aliases are shown and could be edited.

The service is used as part of generating the HTML output sent from MediaWiki to user's browser.

The HTML generated server-side is to be optionally "enhanced" by client-side JavaScript

There is a server-side and the client-side variant of the code, which are distributions of the same implementation.

The client-side variant is deployed into wikibase on a file system level through git sub modules.

In case of no configured server-side rendering service or a malfunctioning of it, the client-side code will act as a fallback.[2]


The SSR service is a node service. It is written in TypeScript. The code is "compiled" to JavaScript using WebPack.

The service uses VueJS as the UI framework.


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