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Adding a client

If a client is being added as part of a new wiki, see Add a wiki#Wikidata.

Otherwise, first create the tables:

ladsgroup@mwmaint1002:/srv/mediawiki/php-1.33.0-wmf.1$ mwscript sql.php --wiki=sourceswiki extensions/Wikibase/client/sql/entity_usage.sql

Then, add name of the wiki to wikidatacleint.dblist and deploy it. For example:

You can check arbitrary access with something like the following: {{#property:P31|from=Q4115189}}

In order for dispatching to work the wiki needs to be listed in the wb_changes_dispatch table on wikidatawiki (it might already be there).

You can check the dispatch logs for the wiki by doing something like this:

addshore@mwmaint1002:/var/log/wikidata$ tail -f dispatchChanges-wikidatawiki.log | grep 'sourceswiki'

Using the example arbitrary access above making a change to P31 on Q4115189 should result in a log message in the dispatch log for the wiki after a ~30 seconds (depending on the health of the dispatcher)