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Request to learn from your discoveries

Mr. Springle,

I’m Renoir, I work for the W3C on the WebPlatform project and I’m continuing Ryan Lane’s work on our own server setup.

Would it be possible to get a few pointers/links on how to setup a scalable MySQL stack. I’m still using MySQL 5.1 with replication and all nodes can be master, but only one receive writes.

I am unsure which path to take to make my system resilient and better than the current state. I’d appreciate your thoughts on where you are going.

You must have been in a similar unsure state with all the available solutions that popped since 5.1 time; MariaDB, MariaDB 10, Percona XTraDB Cluster and so forth and I’d appreciate a birds eye view and advice on that.

Questions I have in mind:

  • How did you change the replication and/or setup for scaling purposes
  • Are you still using slave-master, all nodes can get writes, but only the master is configured?
  • Are using MariaDB Galera/Percona XTraDB Cluster and dont care which server gets writes anymore?

I’m on the EST timezone, and you can find me as renoirb on freenode IRC

Thank you.