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== First draft questions ==
#REDIRECT [[Talk:API catalog]]
* The [ Backstage docs] list a few values for the lifecycle field. Do we have a list of the values we want to use? The [ API guidelines] have design, develop, deploy, etc., but those seem more like project phases?
* The [ Backstage docs] list the spec type and definition as required fields. What should we do for APIs without a spec?
* The [ spec.owner field] seems to require an entity to be set up in Backstage. Should we go through and set these up for each team, or is it ok for them to be 404 links? ([ Example])
--[[User:Alex Paskulin|Alex Paskulin]] ([[User talk:Alex Paskulin|talk]]) 00:03, 1 December 2021 (UTC)
:* I actually think the suggested <code>experimental</code>, <code>production</code>, <code>deprecated</code> on Backstage are better terms, my opinion would be to use those 3 if you agree? I don't know if "Lifecycle" on the API guidelines was intended to mean the same thing, it may be worth renaming the API guidelines section.
:* All APIs can have a spec type (if we want to again go with Backstage suggested <code>service</code>, <code>website</code>, or <code>library</code> terms. but for those that may not have a spec definition, we could create a script that will generate a bare-bones default API spec file that can be loaded as the definition. Just enough values to be considered a "valid" OpenAPI spec. What do you think?
:* I think we should definitely set these up for each team! OR....better yet find a way to generate them from some central querying LDAP! [[User:Nikki Nikkhoui|Nikki Nikkhoui]] ([[User talk:Nikki Nikkhoui|talk]]) 23:46, 2 December 2021 (UTC)

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