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<!--template designed by DeltaQuad-->
{{delete|user request}}
| type      = content
| image    =
| style    = <!--border: 2px solid #FF0000;-->
| textstyle = <!--color: blue;-->
| text      = '''Please remember the following guidelines when posting.'''<br />
#Please [[wikipedia:WP:AGF|assume good faith]], [[wikipedia:WP:CIVIL|remain civil]], and be [[wikipedia:WP:CALM|calm]], [[wikipedia:WP:NOBITE|patient]], [[wikipedia:WP:HELP|helpful]], and [[wikipedia:WP:POLITE|polite]].
#I reserve the right to ignore any message from anyone at anytime for any reason.
#If you post to my page, I will reply here and but I don't watch your talkpage. If you post back on my page from something I posted on your talkpage, I will go back to the original discussion. The best way to let me know you replied is a talkback.
#I reserve the right to remove, move, or close any discussions on my talkpage without question or a [[wikipedia:warrant (law)|warrant]].
#'''If you need me to do something, be as specific as possible please'''. In the case of private matters, please use [[User:TerraCodes/Email|my email]].
#[[wikipedia:WP:NPA|Personal attacks are not tolerated]] and will be collapsed or blanked out, and you may be blocked because of it.
#<font color="red">'''Notify the editors your discussing of this discussion.'''</font> This is used for mediation purposes, of course [[wikipedia:WP:IAR|use common sense]] with this rule.
Thanks, -- [[User:TerraCodes|<font face="Courier New" size="5">Zach</font>]] <sup>[[User talk:TerraCodes|[talk]]]</sup>}}
<b><center>Please put everything below this line</center></b>

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