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> Based on the spreadsheet provided by product analytics, this task involves running the specific dashboards in Superset and finding out which SQL statements time out (exceeded the Superset designated timeout), based on the Presto query table.

3 issues

editors metrics

IP Masking Dashboard


Editors Metrics

Active Editors YoY FY19/20 - FY21/22

New and Returning Active Editors YoY FY19/20 - FY21/22

Active Editors by Market YoY FY20/21 - FY21/22

[no timeouts]

IP Masking Dashboard (24 charts)

Blocks Excluding Wikidata - timeout error

Protected Pages - timeout error

Protected Pages Excluding Wikidata - timeout error

Top Deleted Pages By Project - timeout error

Top 5 Check User Requests by Projects - timeout error

Top Active Admins by Projects - timeout error

more timeouts


Split dashboards into multiple

Edits/Admin Ratio

Top Edits/Admin Ratio By Project