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Learning the Wikimedia stack!

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How does refine use salts?

Is /system a default directory for hadoop, or can we remove it?

Is there a place that lists the vlans?

How to check vlan for a host?

Is it expected that when reimaging a host, we see the old name when running homer?

[edit interfaces interface-range disabled]
-    member ge-1/0/13;
[edit interfaces interface-range vlan-analytics1-d-eqiad]
+    member ge-1/0/13;
     member ge-1/0/43 { ... }
[edit interfaces]
+   ge-1/0/13 {
+       description "db1125 {#2221}";
+   }

^ this is while decommissioning db1125


Script to show what tickets are currently in progress

Random notes