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== Proposal: stop using conda for infrastructure ==
Why not use standard pip?

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Learning the Wikimedia stack!

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How does refine use salts?

Is /system a default directory for hadoop, or can we remove it?

Is there a place that lists the vlans?

How to check vlan for a host?

Q: Is it expected that when reimaging a host, we see the old name when running homer?

[edit interfaces interface-range disabled]
-    member ge-1/0/13;
[edit interfaces interface-range vlan-analytics1-d-eqiad]
+    member ge-1/0/13;
     member ge-1/0/43 { ... }
[edit interfaces]
+   ge-1/0/13 {
+       description "db1125 {#2221}";
+   }

^ this is while decommissioning db1125

A: No, I skipped some netbox steps; when I fixed them this didn't show up

Q: How to submit a test job to the yarn queue to test if it is accepting jobs?

Q: What to do about this warning on analytics1068?

May 06 21:03:35 analytics1068 systemd[1]: /run/systemd/generator.late/hadoop-yarn-nodemanager.service:18: PIDFile= late/hadoop-yarn-nodemanager.service:18: PIDFile= references path below legacy directory /var/run/, updating /var/run/hadoop-yarn/ → /run/hadoop-yarn/ → /run/hadoop-yarn/; please update the unit file accordingly.

Q: Server Lifecycle#Rename while reimaging when to merge homer patch?

A: homer patch is for firewall, not having to do with the reimaging process. Merge after reimage complete

Q: What is the order for creating puppet patches when it comes to server lifecycle? Some things that might need to be avoided: having site.pp for node that is being decommissioned, having site.pp for node that doesn't exist yet


Script to show what tickets are currently in progress

Add homer-public to codesearch

Remove legacy analytics-hadoop from grafana

Random notes

sudo lsof -Xd DEL - lists the files that have been deleted but are still held open by a running process


Why does sshing into mgmt not accept the password?

Because you forgot the `root@` part!

Instead of ssh dbstore1007.mgmt.e

do `ssh root@dbstore1007.mgmt.e`

Or make ssh use the root user in your ~/.ssh/config:

refactor this to run automatically

Why no homer diff?


how to check what vlan a host belongs to?


Proposal: stop using conda for infrastructure

Why not use standard pip?