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If you're interested in the history of our tech, we have a wealth of older documentation, archive pages, and logs.

Deployment logs

Logs and scheduled deployments for the current month can be found at Deployments. Deployments/Archive contains logs of older deployments, organized by year. The earliest dates back to 1 December, 2011.

Server logs

For more general changes, Server admin log contains a long list of the most recent admin activity, often (but not always) covering a period of several months. Older logs can be found at Server_admin_log/Archives, and are organized chronologically, with each page covering a timespan of 1 to 7 months. The earliest date recorded in these archives is 23 June, 2004. There are also some brief notes listed under before 2004-06-23, within the first archive page.

Release team meeting notes

The Wikimedia Release Engineering team has monthly meetings related to the deployment pipeline. Meeting notes dating back to 14 February, 2017, can be found on Mediawiki.

Deprecated documentation

When tools or software are no longer in use, or have changed radically over the years, Wikitech generally preserves the deprecated documentation by tagging it with a category. Category:Old documentation is for documentation that's out of date, but could be improved, while truly deprecated documentation is tagged with Category:Archive.

In addition, some (but not all) deprecated docs are in theObsolete namespace; for example, Obsolete:Interfaces. This makes them challenging to find via ordinary search in the main namespace -- a blessing for users, but a curse for historians. Obsolete pages can be more easily found with this tool.