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Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right.

Hi, my name is Luchesar ILIEV (IPA /ˌɫɤɛzˈar ilˈiɛv/).

I'm a sysop on the Bulgarian Wikipedia and Wiktionary, where I edit under the account Iliev (Kerberizer is actually my bot there). Accordingly, these are the projects I'm mostly active on. I'm also the hostmaster of the domains, which belongs to the recognized Wikimedians of Bulgaria User Group, and[1] Outside of the real world of Wikipedia, I live a virtual existence as an IT engineer.

Need to contact me?



  1. I've been planning to set up an URL shortener service for Wikipedia since at least 2011. While several other Wikipedia URL shorteners have come and gone in the meantime, I never managed to come up with a solution that was universal enough. The reason is that I want to cover not just the English Wikipedia, but also the other language ones, especially the Bulgarian, where the problem with long URLs due to percent-encoded paths is especially pronounced. So, if you have some bright idea how to achieve this—in an elegant and flexible way—don't hesitate to contact me. Meanwhile, a few short URLs do already work. Links of the type<lang> (e.g. point to the respective language version of Wikipedia. Links of the type<username> (e.g. point to the respective user page on Meta. Last but not least, points, perhaps not too surprisingly, to Jimbo's user page. Additionally, you may stumble upon addresses like and