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Joris Darlington Quarshie
Technical Support Officer, Open Foundation West Africa
Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.

About me

I am Joris Darlington Quarshie, a Ghanaian and a Fanti. A student of Accra Institute of Technology. I speak Twi as my native language and English language as my lingua franca.I am the Technical Support Officer for Open Foundation West Africa. Feel free to tell me anything write it on talk page.

My work

I am currently working on the Africa Wikimedia Developers Project as the lead facilitator for Ghana and a volunteer developer for the Wikimedia Foundation.I also manage all the technical activities of Open Foundation West Africa and also work for Starters Technology as a lead facilitator.I do contribute to MediaWiki and other developers projects for the Wikimedia Foundation as a volunteer developer. I am open to collaborate with other developers to work on any open source project from the Wikimedia Foundation or any other organization.

Contact me