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Maven magic:

    mvn fr.jcgay.maven.plugins:buildplan-maven-plugin:list-phase

Profile system calls:

   strace -c -p 1234


  gdb --q --n --ex bt --batch --pid

Obsolete packages:

  aptitude search '~o'

Running Dump test suite and investigating disk slowness (bug 41607)

Transfer file between servers:

By Jaime on

 dd if=/dev/sda | pv | pigz -c | openssl aes-256-cbc -salt \ -k $pass | nc $backup-host 4444 tar cvf - /srv/sqldata | pv | pigz -c > /mnt/sqldata.tar.gz

Package building:

uscan --download-current-version --rename --verbose
debuild -us -uc --lintian-opts -i

Or gitbuildpackage:

Need a debian/gbp.conf file

mkdir ../{tarballs,build-area}; uscan --download-current-version --destdir ../tarballs; git-buildpackage

Puppet local hacking:

cd /tmp
git clone
git clone /tmp/puppet/private


puppet apply --noop \
 --modulepath /tmp/puppet/modules:/tmp/puppet/private/modules \
 --templatedir /tmp/puppet/templates \

Or --execute