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Administrator, Bureaucrat, Bot tamer at [[:fr:wikt:|fr.wiktionary]].
Administrator, Bureaucrat, Bot tamer at [[:fr:wikt:|fr.wiktionary]].

Latest revision as of 00:41, 9 May 2017

Administrator, Bureaucrat, Bot tamer at fr.wiktionary.




My main purpose here is to develop tools for the Wiktionnaire (fr.wiktionary). I intend to migrate, improve and share the tools that I already created on the toolserver:

  • Scripts to parse, search and extract data from the fr.wikt dump (perl).
  • Database (based on the extracted data) for several webtools:
    • Random articles by language, used on fr.wikt
    • Search pages for anagrams, pronunciations, rhymes, graphies, transcriptions
    • Wikis word content comparisons (e.g. words in fr.wikipedia not in fr.wiktionary)
  • Secondary tools:
    • Tool to add legend pictures
    • Translitteration tool
  • News sites scan in search of unknown words (daily script)
  • And of course, bot running