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Cloud Services Tech Support contractor task

A large part of the work done by the Tech Support role will be reading and responding to questions posed via irc chats, mailing list posts, and Phabricator tasks. This interview task is intended to give the hiring team some indication of the ability of the candidate to read and respond to these types of requests. Simulating irc conversations is hard, so we will instead focus on typical email and Phabricator requests.

  • Please do not spend more than 90 minutes reading the reference materials and working on your answers to these questions.
  • You may not get done with all of the questions and that is ok.
  • Sometimes the correct answer will be to ask a few questions to gather more information from the reporter of the problem and then have someone else on the Cloud Services team look into it.

Reference materials


  1. I have a wikitech account, but now I want to use Toolforge to run a bot. How do I get access to Toolforge servers?
  2. I am running Windows and need to login to Toolforge to start a bot that I have just been added as a co-maintainer of. I followed the instructions at and created an ssh key from a Git Bash prompt, but I think I want to use WinSCP to transfer files. How do I setup WinSCP?
  3. I created $HOME/public_html/index.php for my tool named demo-unicorn, but when I got to I see a "No webservice" error page!? Why doesn't this work?
  4. When I try to ssh into my VM named "some-random-host.eqaid.wmflabs" and I get an error message that says "ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host". What's wrong?
  5. How do I install so I can use it with my Python3 webservice running on Kubernetes?
  6. My webservice needs to send really large amounts of JSON data back to the web browser. I'd like this data to stream so that my javascript code can start showing results right away, but there must be a buffer somewhere because the browser doesn't get any data for several minutes. How can I turn off the buffer?
  7. I was using and then it stopped working. Without this tool our wiki is going to be overrun by vandalism! We need it back now! Aren't you getting paid for this? You can fix it.