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User:AKhatun/Wikidata Subgraph Query Analysis

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Analysis on Subgraphs in Wikidata showed how large each of the subgraphs are in Wikidata and how connected they are. This page shows the results from analysis on the queries that relate to these subgraph. The questions that needed to be answered were:

  • How many(percent) queries access each subgraph?
  • How many queries access multiple subgraphs at once? i.e, how much overlap can we expect in subgraphs?
  • How long do these queries take?
  • How many user-agents access each subgraph? How many of them access lots of subgraphs, or are they confined to a small set of subgraphs? Do some of them dominate queries in mutiple subgraphs?
  • Are there chunks of similar queries in these subgraphs? i.e, how diverse the queries in each subgraph are.


Query Stats

What are subgraph related queries

Query count

Query time

User agent

Triples analysis