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{{user info| full name = Tony Thomas (tonythomas)| image name = Tony Thomas.jpg| hover text = Tony Thomas| job title = Co-org admin| organization =Outreachy'11| short quote = '''''Where there is a WiFi, there is a way!'''''|about me =I like to call myself an Open Source enthusiast - rather than a Computer Science Engineering student.
I am an active member of the FOSS Community here, [ FOSS@Amrita]<nowiki>, and gets lab hours till 11:00pm[ that's exceptional, I believe </nowiki> <nowiki>:) ] . </nowiki>
My first contribution to the Open Source world was to the Mediawiki codebase. Since then, I had been a consistent contributor to the MediaWiki core and extensions. <br>
The beauty of WikiMedia community keeps me working with them. I could mentor and help many of my friends to do their First [ Contributions].
| about my work = [ Potential show-off ]
* Gerrit Changes : [,n,z Changes owner:01tonythomas]
* Github link : [ tonythomas01]
* My Blog : [ Through The Pages] <br> * My GSoC-'14 Project : [ Adding Proper Handling to MediaWiki Email Bounces (Using VERP)]. Mentored by [ Jeff Green],[ Kunal Mehta]
* Extensions I manage:
** [ BounceHandler ]
** [ SwiftMailer ]
* I was a Google Code in 2014 mentor and a GSoC 2015 mentor too.| contact me = * WikiMedia User Page: [[m:en:User:01tonythomas|User:01tonythomas]]
* E-mail: 01tonythomas{{@}}<br>* GTalk IM: 01tonythomas
* Github : [ tonythomas01]
* IRC Nick: tonythomas on freenode
* Facebook : [ 01tonythomas]
* Channels: #wikimedia-dev, #mediawiki, #wikimedia-tech }}

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