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Update the interwiki cache

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The interwiki cache is a cache of the interwiki map page at Meta-Wiki, which maps interwiki prefixes to URLs.


To update it, run from /srv/mediawiki-staging/ in the deployment server the code below and follow the instructions:

you@deploy1001:/srv/mediawiki-staging$ scap update-interwiki-cache
  • You will be prompted to enter your gerrit username.
  • Next you'll be prompted to enter a Gerrit HTTP password for said account name (this is so Scap can upload a patch with the updated code on your behalf; see below for a patch uploaded using this plugin).
  • Scap will then upload said patch to Gerrit and +2 it. Wait until the patch uploaded is merged by jenkins-bot before continuing.
  • While waiting, you should see this prompt:
               ___ ____                                                 
             ⎛   ⎛ ,----                        
              \  //==--'                                                 
         _//|,.·//==--'    ____________________________                  
        _OO≣=-  ︶ ᴹw ⎞_§ ______  ___\ ___\ ,\__ \/ __ \                 
       (∞)_, )  (     |  ______/__  \/ /__ / /_/ / /_/ /                 
         ¨--¨|| |- (  / ______\____/ \___/ \__^_/  .__/                       
             ««_/  «_/ jgs/bd808                /_/                           
    remote: Processing changes: new: 1, done                             
    remote: New Changes:                                                 
    remote: Updating interwiki cache
    Has your change merged yet? [y/N]:
  • Answer 'yes' once the patch is merged so the deployment can continue. Scap will take care of continuing with the deployment.
  • Congratulations! You've successfully updated the interwiki cache.


  • A patch uploaded when using this script.
  • task T197549 - a request to update the interwiki cache.
  • task T192469 - somewhat shows the output of the scap update-interwiki-cache (in a different context).
  • task T197166#4295654 - the script will fail if you do not have +2 rights on the operations/mediawiki-config.git repository.