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The Striker build and deploy process involves updating the labs-striker-deploy git repository and then pushing the repository out to servers running Striker via scap3.


Most of the interesting code changes will happen in submodules of labs-striker-deploy:


There is nothing special to do to prepare this repo for deployment. Merge commits using Gerrit.


These static assets are collected from the installed Django applications using Django's collectstatic management script. The contrib/ convenience script is provided in labs-striker for collecting the files. This can be run in a MediaWiki-Vagrant development environment.

$ cd /vagrant/srv/striker
$ contrib/
Deleting 'robots.f71d20196d4c.txt'
Deleting 'robots.txt'
Deleting 'staticfiles.json'
Post-processed 'robots.txt' as 'robots.f71d20196d4c.txt'

110 static files copied to '/vagrant/srv/striker/staticfiles', 110 post-processed.
$ cd staticfiles
$ python -mjson.tool staticfiles.json > staticfiles.json.pretty
$ mv staticfiles.json.pretty staticfiles.json
$ git status
$ git add .
$ git commit
$ git review

Before submitting you may want to look for old assets that can be removed as well. These would generally be <FILENAME>.<CONTENT_HASH>.<EXT> files that are for versions of the files that were removed from the manifest in a prior update that has already been deployed.

Testing in Cloud VPS project

TODO: explain how I typically stage pending changes in the striker Cloud VPS project.


TODO: explain basic scap3 deployment