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The Forge (Goya)
The Forge by Goya shows a striker and another apprentice assisting a blacksmith is where maintainers of Tool Labs tools can manage their tools. The software that runs this interface is codenamed Striker.


  • Associate Wikitech LDAP account, Wikimedia SUL account, and Phabricator account.
  • Create Git repositories in Differential associated with a tool.


Striker is an Django application for managing Tool Labs tools. A blacksmith's striker is an assistant to a blacksmith whose job is to swing a heavy hammer at the direction of the blacksmith. Similarly, Striker performs various tasks at the direction of a tool maintainer.

Production deployment is provisioned via the role::striker::web Puppet class on californium. This class sets up memcached, an Apache vhost, and a uwsgi service. The striker application code is deployed into the uwsgi service by scap3 from tin. The application is configured by the /etc/striker/striker.ini file that is provisioned by Puppet and populated with data from hiera. The application's local database is hosted on the m5 shard. The application also connects to the LDAP server for authn/authz and data lookup, Phabricator's public API, and metawiki for OAuth authentication.

Testing deployment in the Striker Labs project hosts a testing deployment that is used for beta testing. A local puppet master and scap3 deployment server allow testing in a production like environment.

Local development

A role::striker class is available in MediaWiki-Vagrant for local development and testing. The role provisions Striker, an Apache vhost with mod_uwsgi, a local database, a Phabricator instance, an LDAP wiki, and an OAuth wiki.

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