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Toolhub logo is a catalog of tools used by the members of the Wikimedia movement. See the Toolhub project page on meta for additional details about the application's features.

Production deployment

Toolhub runs in the "eqiad" Kubernetes cluster. The service is current not active-active in the "codfw" cluster (T288685).

The helm chart and helmfile configuration for the service configure connectivity to its dependencies:

Testing deployment in the Toolhub Cloud VPS project hosts a testing deployment that is used for beta testing and demonstrations. It is deployed using docker-compose. See contrib/demo-server/ in the project's git repo for more information.

Updating the demo build

$ ssh
$ cd /srv/toolhub/demo/
$ make pull restart tail
  watch things happen until the search indices are rebuilt
$ make web-shell
$ poetry run ./ crawl --quiet
$ exit
$ exit

Local development

Local development is done with docker-compose. See docs/CONTRIBUTING.rst in the project's git repo for more information.

Visualizations related to Tools and Account creation