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|author      =Zppix, Sopel developers
|author      =Zppix, Sopel developers
|username    =
|username    =
|maintainer  =Zppix, Reception123, Voidwalker, RhinosF1
|maintainer  =Zppix, Reception123, Voidwalker, RhinosF1, MacFan4000. Examknow
|repository  =
|repository  =
|license      =
|license      =EFL-2.0
|image        =
|image        =
|phabricator  =Tool-Zppixbot
|phabricator  =Tool-Zppixbot

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Toolforge tools
Crystal Clear app package utilities.png ZppixBot
Description IRC Bot with many different commands and uses
Author(s) Zppix, Sopel developers
Maintainer(s) Zppix, Reception123, Voidwalker, RhinosF1, MacFan4000. Examknow (View all)
Source code
License Eiffel Forum License, Version 2
Issues Open tasks · Report a bug
Admin log Nova Resource:Tools.zppixbot/SAL

ZppixBot is a bot running the Sopel framework.
If you would like to have the Bot in your channel than join #ZppixBot and say .addchannel
For documentation click here