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ReleaseTaggerBot, originally known as forrestbot, is a bot which adds release milestone tags to Phabricator tasks based on when gerrit commits linked to them are merged.

The bot runs on Toolforge every hour as a python script consuming e-mails via Redis, making changes in Phabricator as @ReleaseTaggerBot


The code for the bot is in gerrit at labs/tools/forrestbot.


To deploy a new change, get the code merged into master and then:

Automatic method

Doesn't exist yet

Manual method

$ ssh
$ become forrestbot
$ cd forrestbot/
$ git fetch --all
$ git reset --hard origin/master
$ git log # make sure your changes made it in

Then wait for the next hour for the cron script to execute. Log any changes you make in the SAL with the following in #wikimedia-cloud

!log tools.forrestbot

If you need to run the bot out-of-sequence, use:

/data/project/forrestbot/venv/bin/python /data/project/forrestbot/forrestbot/


There are logs in the logs directory.


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