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==Interacting with the bots==
==Interacting with the bots==
* Freenode IRC channel {{irc|wikimedia-external-links}}
* IRC channel {{irc|wikimedia-external-links}}
* [[m:User:COIBot/Poke]] (approved users)
* [[m:User:COIBot/Poke]] (approved users)

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Toolforge tools
Crystal Clear app package utilities.png COIBot, Xlinkbot, LiWa3 bots / Linkwatcher
Website w:en:User:CCOIBot, m:User:LiWa3 and w:en:User:XLinkBot
Description a bot that tries to track edits that are made by users who may have a conflict of interest, including spambots
Keywords irc, perl, mysql
Author(s) Beetstra and Versageek
Maintainer(s) Beetstra, and also operated by Billinghurst (View all)
License No license specified

Online commands: m:Small Wiki Monitoring Team/IRC

Data collected is stored in mysql database; domain and user reports are published by COIBot on Meta m:special:prefixindex/User:COIBot

COIBot: excerpted from enwiki

XLinkBot: excerpted from enwiki

Interacting with the bots


The bots run from Portal:Cloud VPS under the "coibot" and "liwa3" accounts.


# Start coibot
$ cd /home/beetstra/coibot
$ sudo ./ &

# Start xlinkbot
$ cd /home/beetstra/xlinkbot
$ sudo ./ &


# Start linkwatcher
$ cd /home/beetstra/linkwatcher
$ sudo ./ &