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Toolforge tools
Crystal Clear app package utilities.png
Description A bot for bridging IRC and other chat platform channels
Keywords irc, golang
Maintainer(s) BryanDavis (View all)
Source code
License Apache License 2.0
Admin log Tools.bridgebot/SAL

Bridgebot is a deployment of the FLOSS matterbridge software. It can be used to relay messages between multiple different chat systems. The current deployment in Toolforge is bridging various Wikimedia related Freenode IRC channels with similarly themed Telegram chats and channels.


The bot runs from Toolforge under the "bridgebot" account as a kubernetes pod.

# TODO: document creating Deployment
# TODO: document quick restart (pod delete)
# TODO: document "full" restart (Deployment delete; Deployment create)
# TODO: document upgrading the golang binary

Joining a new channel

Maintainers of the tool can configure the bot to join a new channel;

$ ssh
$ become bridgebot
$ vim matterbridge.toml
:# Add a new "[[gateway]]" section defining the gateway name and the channels to bridge
$ kubectl delete po/$(kubectl get pods | grep Running | awk '{print $1}')