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This is an overview of terminology used in technical documentation for Wikimedia Foundation infrastructure and software.

This list is meant to be a reference point for the canonical or preferred words to convey a certain concept. Avoid listing older or less common words for the same concepts.


  • cluster is group of servers with a common purpose. For example: "text" Varnish cluster, "jobrunner" appserver cluster. Note that a cluster may span multiple DCs.


  • data center (abbreviated DC), is a physical location in which server racks reside. For example: Esams data center as listed on Data centers. This includes both core services and cache PoPs.

See also

  • Help:Glossary, for terms used within Wikimedia Cloud Services.
  • Glossary on Meta-Wiki, for terms used within the wider Wikimedia movement.
  • Manual:Glossary on, for terms used within the MediaWiki software.
  • Documentation/Style guide on, about technical documentation more broadly.