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{{user info
| full name = 
| image name =
| hover text = 
| job title = 
| organization = 
| short quote =
| about me = 
| about my work = 
| contact me = 
| disclaimer =
  • The "organization" parameter can also be called as "company".
  • To include an image, put the name of the file where it says "image name", excluding the word "file" from the front. Example:

| image name = BobaFett.jpg

  • The "hover text" parameter is for the little pop-up text that comes up when your mouse hovers over the image.


This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools.

User info

<templatedata> { "format": "block", "params": { "full name": { "label": "Full name", "description": "Your full name, like \"John Smith\" or \"Вася Пупкин\".", "type": "line" }, "job title": { "label": "Position", "description": "The position or job title you wish to show you have, if any", "type": "line" }, "organization": { "aliases": [ "company" ], "label": "Organisation", "description": "The organisation to which your \"position\" refers, if any. If you work for the Wikimedia Foundation, this should be exactly \"Wikimedia Foundation\" without any link. This will be shown after your position.", "type": "line" }, "short quote": { "label": "Quote", "description": "A short quote that you'd like to show that represents how you feel", "type": "content" }, "image name": { "label": "Image", "description": "The name of a file that you'd like to show about you, normally a photo of you like \"Example.jpg\"", "type": "wiki-file-name" }, "hover text": { "label": "Image hover", "description": "The label to show when people hover your image, or for screenreaders.", "type": "string" }, "about me": { "label": "About me", "description": "Some information about you and your background.", "type": "content" }, "about my work": { "label": "About my work", "description": "Some details about what you do on the wikis and why.", "type": "content" }, "disclaimer": { "label": "Disclaimer", "description": "A disclaimer about your work, if any. If your organisation is set to \"Wikimedia Foundation\", it will show the regular Foundation staff disclaimer by default.", "type": "content" }, "contact me": { "label": "Contact me", "description": "Details of how you can be contacted beyond on-wiki methods.", "type": "content" } } } </templatedata>


The master version of this template is at wmf:Template:User info. The following wikis have copies of this template: