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Connect to proxySSH over ssh by proxying through a bastion (e.g. As with other hosts, ensure you have ProxyJump configured in .ssh/config (see Production shell access). Then connect as follows:

user@laptop:~$ ssh proxySSH.eqiad.wmnet

<templatedata> { "params": { "fqdn": { "label": "FQDN", "description": "The fully qualified domain name for this host.", "type": "string", "default": "[node].[location].wmnet" }, "location": { "label": "Cluster", "description": "Cluster name (e.g. \"eqiad\")", "type": "string", "required": true, "suggested": true }, "node": { "label": "Hostname", "description": "Short hostname", "default": "Page title", "type": "string" } }, "paramOrder": [ "node", "location", "fqdn" ], "format": "inline", "description": "Connectivity information for SSH." } </templatedata>