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<templatestyles src="Irdoc/style.css"/><noinclude>
'''document status''': {{#switch:{{{status|<includeonly>draft</includeonly>}}}
|draft=<mark>draft</mark> [[Category:Incident documentation]][[Category:Incident documentation drafts]]
|review=in-review [[Category:Incident documentation]][[Category:Incident documentation in-reviews]]
|final=final [[Category:Incident documentation]]
|=<mark>draft</mark> <!-- template preview -->
|#default = {{{status|}}} <span class=error>Invalid status</span> [[Category:Incident documentation]]
}}<templatestyles src="Irdoc/style.css"/><noinclude>{{Documentation|content=
{{Uses TemplateStyles|Template:Irdoc/style.css}}
This template is included at the top of [[Incident documentation]] pages and takes care of:
* Display the current status of this report.
* Styling for draft markers (see below).
* Categorisation.
== Usage ==
== Usage ==
"params": {
"status": {
"label": "Status",
"description": "One of draft, review, or final.",
"type": "string",
"autovalue": "draft",
"required": true
"description": "Display the current status of the incident report and take care of categorisation.",
"format": "inline"

== Example ==
== Example ==
* <mark>Marked placeholder.</mark>
* <mark>Marked placeholder.</mark>

== See also ==
* [[:Category:Incident documentation]]
* [[:Category:Incident documentation drafts]]
* [[:Category:Incident documentation in-reviews]]

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