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{| class="infobox" style="clear: none; float: none; width: auto; margin: 1em 0 1em 0"
#REDIRECT [[Template:Infobox data centre]]
! colspan="2" style="background: lavender; text-align: center; font-size: larger; padding: 0.5em"| {{#if:{{{dc|<noinclude>demo</noinclude>}}}|{{{dc|Demo cluster}}}|{{BASEPAGENAME}}}}
! Vendor
| {{#if:{{{vendor|}}}|{{{vendor}}}|?}}
! Nearby airport
| {{#if:{{{airport|}}}|{{{airport}}}|?}}
! Location
| {{#if:{{{location|}}}|{{{location}}}|?}}
! [[Infrastructure_naming_conventions#Servers|Datacenter number]]
| {{#if:{{{dc_number|}}}|<code>#{{{dc_number|0}}}</code>|?}}
! Usage
| {{#if:{{{usage|}}}|{{{usage}}}|?}}
|}<noinclude><div class="template-documentation">
"params": {
"vendor": {
"label": "Vendor",
"description": "Name and abbreviation of vendor",
"example": "Example Vendor (EV)",
"type": "content",
"required": true
"airport": {
"label": "Nearby airport",
"description": "Nearby airport and IATA airport code",
"example": "Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS)",
"type": "content",
"required": true
"location": {
"label": "Location",
"description": "City and country (including state, if in the USA)",
"example": "City, Country",
"type": "content",
"required": true
"dc_number": {
"label": "Data centre number",
"description": "DC index used for hostnames, as per the infrastructure naming conventions",
"example": "0",
"type": "number",
"required": true
"usage": {
"label": "Usage",
"description": "One of \"Core services\", \"Edge caching\" or \"Networking\"",
"example": "Edge caching",
"type": "string",
"required": true
"dc": {
"label": "Data centre",
"description": "Name of data centre",
"example": "Demo cluster",
"type": "string"
"description": "Inline infobox about a data centre",
"paramOrder": [
"format": "block"
== Example ==
{{Infobox data centre inline
| dc =
| vendor =
| airport =
| location =
| dc_number =
| usage =

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