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(add support for (e.g.) branch=production)
(Update base URL for Gerrit version changes)
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[{{{project}}}{{#if: {{{file|}}} | /+/refs/heads/{{#if: {{{branch|}}} | {{{branch}}} | master }}/{{{file}}} }} {{#if:{{{text|}}}|{{{text}}}|{{{file|{{{project}}}}}}}}]<noinclude>
[{{{project}}}{{#if: {{{file|}}} | /+/refs/heads/{{#if: {{{branch|}}} | {{{branch}}} | {{#ifeq: {{{project}}} | operations/puppet | production | master }}}}/{{{file}}} }} {{#if:{{{text|}}}|{{{text}}}|{{{file|{{{project}}}}}}}}]<noinclude>

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