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{{#invoke:documentation|main|_content={{ {{#invoke:documentation|contentTitle}}}}}}
{{#invoke:documentation|main|_content={{ {{#invoke:documentation|contentTitle}}}}}}
===Customizing display===
Overrides exist to customize the output in special cases:
* <nowiki>{{</nowiki>documentation{{!}}'''heading'''=<nowiki>}}</nowiki> - change the text of the "documentation" heading. If this is set to blank, the entire heading line (including the first [edit] link) will also disappear.
This template allows any page to use any documentation page, and makes it possible to protect templates while allowing anyone to edit the template's documentation, categories, and interwiki links.
It also reduces server resources by circumventing a [[w:Wikipedia:Template limits|technical limitation of templates]] (see a [{{fullurl:en:Project:Village pump (technical)|diff=prev&oldid=69888944}} developer's explanation]).
==See also==
* {{tiw|documentation subpage}}
* {{tim|Documentation}}
* [[w:Wikipedia:Template documentation]]
[[Category:Formatting templates|Template documentation]]
[[Category:Template documentation| ]]

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