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Include the archive box in the article by adding

{{Archive box non-auto|[[/Archive]]}}

to where you want the archive box to appear. Make sure to add the forward slash '/' to the archive name to make it a subpage of the page where the archive box is placed. How you present a list of archive pages is up to you. You can separate them with commas, pipes (vertical lines: '|') or as lists. See #Examples below.


The box uses a style that makes it float to the right. This means that where it appears in the page it will be aligned to the right edge of the page (more accurately: the containing box, but that is an unnecessary detail) and all following content will flow around it.

Automatic links

If all the archives of a talk page are numbered (like /Archive 1 or /Archive 2) or dated (like /2021 or /2022), you can use Template:Archive box auto to display links to them all automatically. The list will update itself when new archives are added.

 {{archive box auto}}
 {{archive box auto|auto=dated}}

If there are also named archives, you can add links to these as well:

 {{archive box auto|auto=dated|
* [[/Some archive/]]}}

When using numbered archives with less than 20 archive pages, you can generate a larger two-column output with auto=long.

Box width and image

The box and image widths can be set by passing their widths as parameters:

{{Archive box non-auto|box-width=13em|image-width=35px|[[/Archive]]}}

The image can also be changed from the default, File:Filing cabinet icon.svg, for example:

{{Archive box non-auto|image=Breathe-system-file-manager.svg}}


For actual examples of the use of these template, use the "what links here" links Special:Whatlinkshere/Template:Archive box non-auto and Special:Whatlinkshere/Template:Archive box in the toolbox on the sidebar, near the top on the left side of this page (unless you are using an unconventional skin … in which case you probably know what you are doing).

Wikitext Appearance
{{archive box auto|auto=dated}}
{{Archive box non-auto|
[[/Archive 1]],
[[/Archive 2]],
[[/December 2005 - January 2006]] and
[[/Deletion discussion]]}}
{{Archive box non-auto|
[[/Archive 1]]<br />
[[/Archive 2]]<br />
[[/December 2005 - January 2006]]<br />
[[/Deletion discussion]]}}
{{Archive box non-auto|
: [[/Archive 1]]
: [[/Archive 2]]
: [[/December 2005 - January 2006]]
: [[/Deletion discussion]]}}
{{Archive box non-auto|
* [[/Archive 1]]
* [[/Archive 2]]
* [[/December 2005 - January 2006]]
* [[/Deletion discussion]]}}
{{Archive box non-auto|
# [[/Archive 1]]
# [[/Archive 2]]
# [[/December 2005 - January 2006]]
# [[/Deletion discussion]]}}
{{Archive box non-auto|box-width=14em|image-width=20px|
* [[/Archive 1]]
* [[/Archive 2]]
* [[/December 2005 - January 2006]]
* [[/Deletion discussion]]}}

<templatedata> { "params": { "1": {}, "translated": { "type": "unbalanced-wikitext" }, "uselang": {}, "auto": {}, "box-width": {}, "image": {}, "image-width": {}, "base": {}, "title": { "description": "Changing the title of box.", "type": "unbalanced-wikitext", "default": "Archives" } }, "format": "inline" } </templatedata>

Other icons

If you wish to use something other than the default icon, here is a gallery of available icons:

See also