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== Proposed Change for new Hires ==
#REDIRECT [[Talk:SRE/Production access]]
I propose a change to the new shell request process: No need for the 3 day wait period for new WMF employee shell requests if they are getting the same level of access as others in the same role. For example, a researcher getting stat* access wouldn't have a 3 day wait period. They'd still have to get the other requirements (signoff from manager, etc). This will help ease onboarding for new hires, since otherwise there is a 3 day thumb twiddling period.
Thoughts? I'll mention this during the next ops meeting as well. [[User:Yuvipanda|yuvipanda]] ([[User talk:Yuvipanda|talk]]) 19:51, 27 July 2015 (UTC)
* Opposed:  I think we need to have the 3 day no matter what.  The fact is, it lets us have time to review if we know the person, and if there is any reason against it.  Managers shoudl simply plan this into their onboarding, no one is hired in less than 3 days from position being openly filed to final hiring.  --[[User:RobH|RobH]] ([[User talk:RobH|talk]]) 19:53, 27 July 2015 (UTC)
* Support. "no matter what" ignores a lot of practicalities; are you likely to know that person? Is this a plausible thing to even happen? What's the most damage they could do if you do? In the case I've got in front of me we're talking about someone nobody (including you, Rob) would've heard of other than me - they're a brand-new CMU grad. They're asking for access to our data machines, not for deploy permission. And we have to wait most of a work week just in case the people monitoring access requests - which is just ops - has heard of them? For a newly graduated researcher? If this is really the direction Operations want to move in it should be backed by actually advertising it and making it explicit. You say "for most requests" in the doc - which requests? Where's the email to engineering@ or wmfall saying "hey, a reminder that we have this policy". Can hiring managers apply before the person's start date? Analysts are just that - analysts - and for very good reason some amount of access is required for them to get pretty much anything done. [[User:Ironholds|Ironholds]] ([[User talk:Ironholds|talk]]) 20:06, 27 July 2015 (UTC)

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