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''None of this is ready for use, do not reference this page yet''  [[User:RobH|RobH]] 17:39, 13 March 2012 (UTC)
#REDIRECT [[Management Interfaces]]
Systems management will eventually be handled completely via IPMI and the IPMI management script.  This is a process that is currently ongoing, so not all information on this page can be accurately applied to all systems.
System management is done via the ipmi_mgmt script.  This script is installed on iron, which is the operations task host.
Syntax is ipmi_mgmt <host> <commands> <br />
Command Listing
Power commands: powercycle, powerdown, powerup, powerstatus, powermonitor
Setting one time boot option: bootbios, bootcdrom, bootdisk, bootfloppy, bootpxe
Serial Console: console & ~~. to disconnect when done; consoleclose (for unintentional DC that doesn't free the com port)
BMC/LOM specific: bmcinfo, bmcreset.
Info gathering: fru, id (flash lights on system for local tech ID), log (BMC event log), sdr, sensor, sysinfo

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