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Switch Datacenter/Coordination

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Planning and executing a DC switchover in a non-emergency requires coordinating between various SRE subteams, RelEng, CommRel and others. While we aim to make this a non-event from a user perspective, we're not there yet from an operational perspective.


Ideally this should be started 2 months before the desired date.

  • Check the WMF Staff Calendar, global holidays and the deployment yearly calendar for potential conflicts.
  • Ask the DBA, DCOps, RelEng, Network Engineering in Infrastructure Foundations and CommRel teams to verify the date works with them.
    • Do this scheduling a kickoff meeting including representatives from the affected teams, where a range of dates can be proposed for the switchover and the switchback. Followup with them and set a final date the next week.
  • Create a Phabricator task (e.g. T281515) and update the Switch Datacenter page with the schedule (use zonestamp links for convenience).
    • Typically: Services Monday 14:00 UTC, Traffic Monday 15:00 UTC, MediaWiki Tuesday 14:00 UTC
    • Same for the switchback: Services Monday 14:00 UTC, Traffic Monday 15:00 UTC, MediaWiki Tuesday 14:00 UTC
      • Typically 6+ weeks later
  • Announce to as a tentative date and invite comments and concerns, allow for 1 week of comments
  • Announce dates on wikitech-l and ops mailing lists.
  • Send calendar invitations to sre at
  • Add the date and times in the SRE Monday Update under the Service Interuptions - Any other maintenance and expansions? heading
  • Once the week is listed on the Deployment calendar, add the events there (example)

2 weeks before the selected date: