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Storm control

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What is Storm control?

Storm means excessive broadcast, multicast or unicast traffic received on a particular interface in 1 second. Storm control on the other hand is the mechanism put in place to monitor and take actions such as to drop or shut down the interface when the storm control level is exceeded.

How to setup Storm control?

Right now, the goal is to run Storm control on both main management switches in codfw and eqiad (msw1-codfw and msw1-eqiad).

To setup Storm control the first step is to create a storm control profile with the name wmf-mgmt-storm and setup the bandwidth-level of 15000kbps. Next create an interface range called mgmt-switches and to finish, assign members to that interface range and apply the storm control profile.

Create the storm control profile

set storm-control-profiles wmf-mgmt-storm all bandwidth-level 15000kbps

Create the interface range

set interfaces interface-range mgmt-switches unit 0 family ethernet-switching storm-control wmf-mgmt-storm