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28 November 2022

     20:35  Portal:Toolforge/Quickstart diffhist 0 BryanDavis (Undo revision 2035419 by Ferimeloo (talk))
     19:12  Help:Cloud Services introduction diffhist +27 BryanDavis (→‎Which service is right for you?: Reword new row label)

24 November 2022

     08:53  Help:Cloud Services introduction diffhist +56 Valerio Bozzolan (→‎Which service is right for you?: add "Use recent software" as a very common need, so that user can avoid to adopt Toolforge. Even if "PHP8" should not be considered "recent" but anyway for Debian stable that is recent.)
     08:07  Technical documentation checklist and templates diffhist +84 Valerio Bozzolan (→‎Technical documentation checklist: add links to categories, so it's more evident that some categories does not exist, and maybe someone can help)

19 November 2022

     23:43  Tool:Fourohfour diffhist −48 Legoktm (now on gitlab)

17 November 2022

     17:47  Help:Toolforge/Jobs framework diffhist +365 Wbm1058 (→‎Custom log files: more explanation)

16 November 2022

     15:55  Portal:Toolforge/Admin/Kubernetes/Networking and ingress diffhist +134 Arturo Borrero Gonzalez (→‎ingress admission controller: add link to the custom components page)

15 November 2022

     13:07  Help:Toolforge/Rust diffhist +34 Kosta Harlan (→‎Running a job)

14 November 2022

     14:03  Help:Toolforge/Jobs framework diffhist +244 Wbm1058 (→‎Job logs: Explain the first line in the example. I needed to look this up as I didn't know what it was doing.)
     09:02  Portal:Toolforge/Tool Accounts diffhist +148 Samwilson (→‎Add or remove maintainers: typo fix, and add mention of project membership)

12 November 2022

     21:40  Help:Toolforge/Jobs framework diffhist +3,172 Wbm1058 (→‎Help command: run command arguments)

10 November 2022

     15:49  Help:Toolforge/Kubernetes diffhist 0 BryanDavis (avoid redirect)
     15:49  Help:Toolforge/Jobs framework diffhist 0 BryanDavis (avoid redirect)
     15:16  Help:Toolforge/Raw kubernetes jobs diffhist −9,944 Wbm1058 (Wbm1058 moved page Help:Toolforge/Raw kubernetes jobs to Help:Toolforge/Raw Kubernetes jobs)

8 November 2022

     15:58  Help:Toolforge/Web diffhist −23 Tacsipacsi (Undo revision 2025899 by BryanDavis (talk): this is a help page, not a template. Other pages don’t, and shouldn’t, transclude it.)

7 November 2022

     20:02  Help:Glossary diffhist −19 BCornwall (→‎General: Fix caching overview link)

4 November 2022

     22:05  Help:Toolforge/Web diffhist +9 BryanDavis (Exclude categories when transcluded)
     22:04  Help:Toolforge/Grid diffhist +5 BryanDavis (Add category sort keys; exclude categories when transcluded)
     22:01  Template:Toolforge nav diffhist +2 BryanDavis (Do not add transcluding pages to Category:Toolforge outside of the Help namespace)
     21:27  Help:Toolforge/Pywikibot diffhist +39 BryanDavis (Add communication template)

3 November 2022

     01:20  Help:Toolforge/Jobs framework‎‎ 2 changes history +120 [Wbm1058‎ (2×)]
01:20 (cur | prev) +26 Wbm1058 (link "command" to "About the executable")
00:15 (cur | prev) +94 Wbm1058 (I believe "myjob" here is a job name, so link to the section explaining that on the first use of "myjob" in the text)

2 November 2022

     20:42  Help:Toolforge/Raw kubernetes jobs diffhist +32 BryanDavis (Sentence case section titles; grammar)
     20:18  Template:Toolforge nav diffhist +73 Wbm1058 (+ Raw kubernetes jobs)
     20:01  Help:Toolforge/Kubernetes diffhist +16 Wbm1058 (→‎Available container types: php7.3 is deprecated)
     09:20  Help:Toolforge/Database diffhist +13 FNegri (→‎ToolsDB Backups and Replication: Update list of non-replicated tables (T322039))

1 November 2022

     09:29  Help:Toolforge/Pywikibot diffhist −24 Xqt

31 October 2022

     23:03  Portal:Toolforge/Admin diffhist +68 BryanDavis (→‎Deleting a tool: Striker has the UI for this now)
     23:02  Portal:Toolforge/Tool Accounts diffhist +20 BryanDavis (→‎Delete a Tool Account: It's possible now!)
     01:16  Help:Toolforge/Rust diffhist +54 Jérémie Roquet (→‎Tools using Rust: both service and build parts of socksfinder now run on Kubernetes)