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2 December 2022

     01:04  Release Engineering/SAL diffhist +687 Stashbot (James_F: Zuul: [mediawiki/extensions/ImageSuggestions] Add phan CirrusSearch and Elastica dependencies for T302711)
     00:09  Server Admin Log diffhist −1,825,217 Stashbot (rzl@cumin1001: conftool action : set/pooled=no; selector: name=mw14(45|46).eqiad.wmnet,cluster=jobrunner)
 m   00:01  Map of database maintenance diffhist −811 Dexbot (Bot: Updating the report)

1 December 2022

N    22:57  User:E.L.botha diffhist +176 E.L.botha (Patroled mark patroled)
 m   22:29  Fundraising/Team processes/Training diffhist +5 Damilare Adedoyin
N    22:23  User talk:Ahmon Dancy diffhist +678 StrikerBot (Welcome to Toolforge!)
N    22:03  User talk:E.L.botha diffhist +325 E.L.botha (Created page with "{{Infobox|title=<big>MY TALK PAGE</big>|titlestyle=Bold|subheaderstyle=Wikitext|data1=~~~}} {{Purge}} {{Clickable button 2={{"Purge"}}}}")
     22:02  Deployments diffhist +1,975 Bartosz Dziewoński (→‎Thursday, December 1: not done, will reschedule)
     20:15  Kubernetes/Deployments diffhist +1,563 BryanDavis (→‎Rolling back in an emergency)
     19:52  Ganeti diffhist −23 BCornwall (→‎Create a VM: Remove judgemental verbiage)
     19:48  User:MisterSynergy diffhist +2,391 MisterSynergy (→‎Tools I am involved with: update)
N    18:48  User:Milimetric/Learning iceberg diffhist +3,171 Milimetric
     17:56  Fundraising/Internal-facing/CiviCRM diffhist +289 Wfan219
     15:58  Help:Toolforge/Grid diffhist +386 Triciaburmeister (Update info banners and make them more ubiquitous and emphatic)
N    15:37  Incidents/2022-11-15 asw1-eqsin diffhist +4,529 LSobanski (→‎Scorecard)
N    14:23  User talk:Tahsin T. Talha diffhist +682 StrikerBot (Welcome to Toolforge!)
N    11:17  Incidents/2022-11-03 conf disk space diffhist +5,162 JMeybohm (Created page with "{{irdoc|status=draft}} == Summary == {{Incident scorecard | task = T322360 | paged-num = 0 | responders-num = 10 | coordinators = denisse | start = 2022-11-03 17:06:00 | end = 2022-11-03 18:09:00 | metrics = No relevant SLOs exist. Metrics: conf* filesystem usage and etcd req/s | impact = No user impact. confd service failed for ~33 minutes }} A bug introduced to the MediaWiki codebase caused an increase in connections to Confd hosts from systems responsible for [...")
 m   11:11  User:Atsirlin/page7 diffhist +1,126 Atsirlin
     10:32  GitLab/Upgrade diffhist +28 LSobanski (→‎WMF upgrade path: Updating the replicas)
N    10:31  File:Etcd req-s.png diffhist +10 JMeybohm
N    10:25  File:Conf1008 utilization.png diffhist +44 JMeybohm
 m   10:05  Analytics/Systems/Kerberos diffhist +1 Btullis (→‎Create a custom principal and keytab entry: typo)
     08:30  Nova Resource:Paws/SAL diffhist +183 Stashbot (taavi: root@paws-k8s-control-1:~# for cert in etcd-server etcd-peer etcd-healthcheck-client; do kubeadm certs renew $cert; done # T324178)
     07:01  Tool:Asanack-bot diffhist +113 NahidSultan (+maintainers)
     06:36  Server Admin Log/Archives diffhist +131 Nhatminh01 (add)
N    06:35  Server Admin Log/Archive 60 diffhist +955,755 Nhatminh01 (→‎2022-11-16: add)
N    06:31  Server Admin Log/Archive 59 diffhist +1,060,099 Nhatminh01 (→‎2022-11-01: add)
 m   04:01  Nova Resource:Tools.glams diffhist +23 MABot (Bot: Fixing double redirect to Nova Resource:Glams/Documentation)
 m   04:01  Switching masters diffhist +14 MABot (Bot: Fixing double redirect to Primary database switchover)
 m   04:00  Switching master diffhist +14 MABot (Bot: Fixing double redirect to Primary database switchover)
 m   04:00  Master switch diffhist +14 MABot (Bot: Fixing double redirect to Primary database switchover)
     01:41  Jenkins diffhist +4 Tim Starling (→‎Java thread dump: fix unclosed strikethrough)
     00:00  Annual Toolforge Survey/Opt out diffhist +10 Labdajiwa

30 November 2022

Nm   23:42 diffhist +1,939 BryanDavis (BryanDavis moved page to phab:T243037)
     23:42 diffhist −1,890 BryanDavis (BryanDavis moved page to phab:T243037)
 m   22:29  Portal:Cloud VPS diffhist 0 BryanDavis (Reverted edits by Milimetric (talk) to last revision by Valerio Bozzolan)
 m   20:43  Wikidata Query Service diffhist +4 Ryan Kemper (minor wording change)
     20:03  Nova Resource:Admin/SAL diffhist +237 Stashbot (andrewbogott: changing all rabbitmq queues to quorum queues. Will be noisy! T318816)
     19:17  Metrics Platform/FAQ diffhist +95 Emil Chetty (→‎When should I start creating new instrumentation with the Metrics Platform?)
     18:32  User:BCornwall/Incident action items risk assessment diffhist −4 BCornwall (reword assignment)
     18:25  User:StrikerBot diffhist +332 BryanDavis (Add a few more details about the account.)
N    18:14  User talk:TBurmeister diffhist +679 StrikerBot (Welcome to Toolforge!)
     17:07  Portal:Toolforge diffhist +117 Triciaburmeister (Add a link and button to go to the Toolforge Admin UI)
     16:38  Analytics/AQS/Wikistats 2 diffhist −16 Isaac Johnson (→‎More Reading: mediawiki history is public now so caveat no longer needed)
     15:57  Nova Resource:Devtools/SAL diffhist +132 Stashbot (wm-bot2: Increased quotas by 1 floating-ips (T323986) - cookbook ran by dcaro@vulcanus)
 m   15:43  Performance diffhist −79 Krinkle (→‎Internal runbooks)
 m   15:19  Portal:Toolforge/Quickstart diffhist −8 Triciaburmeister (→‎Getting started with Toolforge - Quickstart: Remove the confusing word "project" since these docs don't otherwise refer to Toolforge as a project)
N    14:14  File:Single vrf2.png diffhist +77 Cathal Mooney (Cathal Mooney uploaded a new version of File:Single vrf2.png)
     14:06  Wikimedia Cloud Services team/EnhancementProposals/Iteration on network isolation diffhist −28 Cathal Mooney (→‎Potential Design)
N    11:23  Nova Resource:Wikifunctions/SAL diffhist +319 Stashbot (wm-bot2: Added user Jforrester to the project as projectadmin (T323952) - cookbook ran by dcaro@vulcanus)